Our Story

Are you confused to manage and prepare your event ?WeO is the best answer for any kinds of your event needs.

Weo is build by a group of teens who has an experienced to held some kind of big school events when they were in a high-school. After they finished the college they catch-up and build an event planner together to express their hobby and passion to manage an event. WeO established since 2021 and still developing and explore new ideas for event-world.

We are driven by values

They strive to live an appropriate set of Values.

In a values-driven culture, teams player find alignment between their personal values and the organization’s values creating a unified and motivated workforce.

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled

Habiburochman Febriansyah

Chief Executive Officer

M Irvan Fathurahman

Multimedia Executive Producer

M Eksal Fernanda

Event Leader