FnB Journey – Coffee Shop Vol.1

In this seminars we will sharing about coffee’s journey from its origins to commercial. From growing the cherries through grading, roasting, and brewing. How the coffee shop’s owner going through ups and downs to grow and run their business.

Date&Time : June 4th, 2022. 10:00 – 14:00
Venue : KOLABORA Co-Working Space, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta.
Ticket Price : Rp 120,000 (Include meals and drinks)

Who’s Join the event ??
– Daffa Rasyif Hisyam owner KOPILUVIUM
– Ilham Setiawan Ali owner AT LAST Socialspace
–  Fadli Fawzi Baadilla owner AFFAN Coffee
– M Hasyim Syeh owner TUMBAS Coffee

How to get the pass ?

  1. For offline purchase you can visit our tenants ( Kopiluvium, AT.LAST Socialspace, Affan Coffe, Tumbas Coffee )
  2. For online purchase you can fill the form at WeO Official website and confirmation the payment to our admin . All transaction online will be transfer to BANK PERMATA 701582497 a.n PT Simfoni Aliza Indonesia
  3. Online ticket purchased will be redeem at Entry Gate on event date

    for any inquiries please chat us at 08111013105 ( WhatsApp Only ) or email us at wetalk.byweo@gmail.com

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WeTalk - FnB Journey Seminar Vol.1
The ticket pass include meals and drinks and the ticket will be redeem at entry gate on event date.